RadioGPT: Should You Be Worried About AI Radio Hosts?

When it comes to presenting radio shows, AI hosts are waiting in the wings. Here’s the lowdown on RadioGPT and whether you should be worried.

It’s happened. A new AI tool, RadioGPT, has been unveiled and it can host radio shows. With eerily-human-like voices.

Does this spell the beginning of the end for humans in radio stations? Or is there no need to panic?

We’ll fill you in on RadioGPT, what it can and can’t do and what this might mean for all those in broadcasting.

What is RadioGPT?

RadioGPT is an AI tool that combines different technologies to “host” a radio show. According to the media company that made it, Futuri, RadioGPT is:

the world’s first 100% AI-driven radio host.

What RadioGPT Can Do

  • Identify what’s trending by scanning social media & other sources of news and information.
  • Write scripts using GPT (generative pre-trained transformer) technology.
  • Reading the generated scripts on-air via up to three AI “personalities” (i.e. radio hosts).
  • Be trained to impersonate a radio station’s host.

Sound familiar? That’s because the GPT technology is the same as what powers ChatGPT.

If that’s not enough, RadioGPT will also be able to create and push out content across your channels. From your radio stations blog, right through to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

Programming is available for individual dayparts, or Futuri’s RadioGPT™ can power the entire station.

But What Do AI Radio Hosts Actually Sound Like?

We know what you’re thinking…won’t an AI Radio Host or “personality” sound a little…robotic? Well, have a listen for yourself. Futuri has a running RadioGPT stream so you can hear the technology in action.

To us at HQ the AI voices sound very human-like, but not 100%. That said, our opinion might be biased because we know they’re AI voices.

But what further gives the game away is how smooth the AI generated voices are. There’s no sign of any ‘ums’ and ‘erms’ in the RadioGPT demo.

Problems with RadioGPT?

Before you pack up your headphones and call it a day, let’s cover RadioGPT’s current problems.

Loss of Personal Connection

It seems that RadioGPT is missing the point about radio. In a recent survey* we conducted, over half of listeners said they used radio to connect with their community or for company. We tune in because to hear a person on the other side, talking to us.

And many of us listen to the radio for particular people. A great broadcaster shouldn’t be underestimated. With our favourite radio hosts, we learn about their lives, their backgrounds and their thoughts and tastes. This can create a deeply personal connection. Loyal listeners follow their favourite presenters to new stations. Just like Shaun Keaveny’s did when he left BBC 6music, and started his own radio station.

Futuri are trying to imitate these relationships. Claiming their AI hosts:

“will be like your fun best friend on the radio, with less drama and more meme references.”

So it looks like RadioGPT’s AI Radio Hosts will be poised to talk about online content. But unlike human radio hosts, won’t be able to talk about their own experience of living in the world.

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